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Pressure Meter!

Full automatic leak rate determination (gas sampling not required)
Autonomous execution of load check, tightness check as well as leak determination acc. to TRGI 2008
Super efficiency (pressure building thru integral engine pump)
Complete delivery package (instrument, printer, transport case, accessories, software)
With temperature monitoring (constant surrounding conditions acc. to TRGI 2008)
Shock-resistant (hard-shell transport case and metal housing)

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Load check acc. to TRGI 2008, Tightness check acc. to TRGI 2008, Leak rate determination without sampling container, Check of liquid gas pipes acc. to TRF, Check of drinking water systems acc. to DIN EN 804-4, (with external pressure sensor – option), Check of heating plants acc. to DIN 18380 (with external pressure sensor – option), Check of sewage plants acc. to DIN 1610 (with sealing balloon set – option), Heating Check acc. to DIN EN 15378 (option), 4-Pa test (option), Differential temperature (option)

Pressure Measurement
0–1500 hPa
0–20 bar (external, optional sensor required)
0–10 hPa (option / Pa sensor)

0.1 hPa
0301 bar (external, optional sensor required)
0.3 hPa (option / Pa sensor)

Leak volume
0–8 l/h (resolution 0.1 l/h)

Temperature Monitoring
0–100°C (resolution 0.1°C) for temperature recording,
T-Room sensor (optional accessory – for temperature recording/recording of differential temperature), Contact sensors (optional accessory – for temperature recording/recording of differential temperature)

LCD display; 79 x 53 mm, 240 x 160 dots; backlit, graphic-capable

Thermal quick-printer 58 mm

Charging connection at instrument, Multi-function interface (Aux connection), USB interface (for instrument software update)

Data Processing
SD card (recording of measurement values and transfer to PC program)

Power supply
Battery: lithium-ion 6 V 4,6 Ah Mains charger: 230 V / 50 Hz~

Hard-shell transport case made out of sturdy plastics

Dimensions (L x H x D): approx. 430 x 170 x 380 mm

Approx. 9 kg complete with accessories



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