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Compact portable combustion analyser


The ecom-EN2-F is a compact portable combustion analyser, offering features found on larger, more expensive units. Housed in a rugged aluminum frame and hard-side case, the EN2-F measures up to 4 gases, from O2, CO, NO, NO2, plus probes for temperature and stack draft / pressure. The EN2-F also calculates CO2, efficiency and excess air.

A strong, internal pump and peltier gas cooler with automatic condensate drain ensures proper sample conditioning, leading to better accuracy and longer sensor life. An on board printer, SD Memory Card and wireless Bluetooth are standard features.

Common applications for the ecom-EN2-F include set-up, maintenance and emission monitoring of natural gas, diesel, and oil fired boilers, burners, and reciprocating engines. The compact size, simple operation, and long battery life (6-8 hours) make the ecom-EN2-F a perfect tool for field technicians.

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  Standard Features   Optional Add-ons   ECOM Advantage  
Up to 4 Electrochemical Sensors
Sensor Options: 02, CO, NO & NO2
Data Logging with Memory Card
USB Interface
On-Board Printer
4.5m Standard Sample Line
300mm Inconel Probe (up to 1000oC)
CO Purge Pump to Prevent Oversaturation
Peltier Cooler Sample Conditioner
Peristaltic Pump for Automatic Moisture Removal
Flue Gas, Ambient, & Sensor Temperature Sensors
Averaging Tests
CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air, & O2 Correction Calculations
Bluetooth Link
Wi-Fi Connection
DAS Compliance Testing Software
Soot Test Probe
1ft Flex Tip Probe
Calibration Gas Kit
Data logging with a memory card
Peltier cooler sample conditioner
Stronger pump for a faster flow rate
Available with remote



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Product Features

Up to 4 gas sensors (Long life).
+ 100 hPa differential pressure measurement.
Integral thermal quick-printer
  Integral soot measurement (optional)
Backlit display.
Electronic condensate monitoring.
Mini Peltier cooler for professional gas preparation with automatic condensate evacuation
Sampling probe pistol style 300 mm with 3-chamber tubing 2.6 m
Special tubing with Teflon sleeve e.g. for NOx and SO2 measurements (optional)
T-Room sensor with magnet for easy fixation on metal surfaces
Emission, temperature and draught measurement without plug connection change.
Integral module for data storage on MM card (card optional)
Wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi data transfer module (optional)
ecom PC software (free of charge)
Comprehensive accessory program

Measured Values

O2 (0-21%)
CO (0-4000 ppm)
Gas temperature (0-500oC)
Air temperature (0-99oC)
Pressure (+ 100 hPa)
Differential pressure (+ 100 hPa)


CO extended range (0-1000 ppm)
CO% measurement (0-63.000 ppm)
NO measurement (0-5000 ppm)
NO2 measurement (0-1000 ppm)
SO2 measurement (0-5000 ppm)
Soot measurement (electronic soot pump and heated soot probe for dry soot samples)
Differential temperature

Calculated Values:

CO2, CO (undiluted), NOx, losses, efficiency (0-120%), dew point, mg/kWh, mg/m3, adjustable O2 ref.


LC display, 79 x 53 mm. 240 x 160 dots
Backlit for optimal reading also in the dark

Sampling Probe:

Sampling probe pistol style 300 mm
3-chamber tubing 2.6 m
Fixation cone with Teflon heat-protective part

Measurement Gas Preparation:

Quick gas transport (measurement values available promptly)
Electric mini Peltier cooler with automatic condensate evacuation

Operation Safety Features

Temperature trend indication for core stream search
CO switch off without measurement interruption by exceeding of pre-set limit value
Automatic fresh air purging by CO exceeding
Automatic fresh air purging after measurement.
Integral flow meter for optical control of pump performance
Electronic condensate monitoring
Long life sensors


Thermal quick-printer 58 mm
Matrix printer for long-lasting and non-fading documentation of measurement results (optional)

Data Processing

Remote data view & saving / printer start via ecom-R (option)
Data logging function
Data storage on optional MM card (card optional)
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface at choice (optional)
Storage and illustration of disturbance diagnosis data
Data exchange with ecom PC software


Multifunctional interface
USB interface for data transfer
Bluetooth interface for data transfer (optional)

Power Supply

Battery/Mains power


Hardtop transport case made out of sturdy plastics

Dimensions / Weight

Approx. 430 x 170 x 380 mm (L x H x W)
Approx. 7 kg (complete)
Item No. Description
102301 ecom-EN2-F, super-efficient flue gas analyser with O2 and CO (H2-compensated) Long life sensors. Fitted in aluminium housing, complete with pistol style sampling probe 300 mm incl. thermocouple with fixation cone, 3-chamber tubing (2.6 m), T-Room sensor with cable incl. fixing cone with magnet, integral thermal quick-printer, automatic CO switch off and fresh air purge (without measurement interruption),
electric Peltier cooler with automatic condensate evacuation, electronic condensate level monitoring, integral power pack with mains power cord approx. 2.4 m, consumables kit, operation manual on USB drive, calibration certificate –issued after 100% calibration in calibration chamber. PC software for data management downloadable free of charge
102302 ecom-EN2-F, super-efficient flue gas analyser as above but with integral soot measurement module
103686 ecom-EN2-F Expert, flue gas analyser with O2, CO (H2 compensated), NO, NO2 Long life sensors, Peltier cooler, integral soot-measurement module, special 3-chamber-tubing for NOx / SO2 – measurement, large-sized hard-cover transport case
103687 ecom-EN2-F Engine, special variant for professional NOx – measurement at engines, cogeneration plants: application specific pre-settings and features; further information upon request
102412 NO measurement (0 - 5.000 ppm). At choice with our without NOx calculation.
100162 NO2 measurement (0 - 1.000 ppm)
Note: NOx measurement requires each a NO and a NO2 sensor.
100163 SO2 measurement (0-5000 ppm)
102672 Special 3-chamber sampling tubing, recommended for NOx and SO2 measurement.
Slim inner diameter – high flow speed. Length 3.5 m. Under-case recommended for storage.
100164 CO% measurement (0 – 0-63.000 ppm)
50102221 CO enhanced ppm measurement range (0-10.000 ppm)
102308 ecom-R remote control and monitoring unit - For data view, data remote recording & printout via Bluetooth. LCD display, dim. ca. 70 x 38 mm, backlit, graphic-capable With magnet on the back for fixation on metal surfaces. Powered by 2 one-way batteries 1.5 V AA Mignon (incl.) incl. protection pouch. dim.: approx. 145 x 80 x 45 (W x H x D).
Also upgradable on existing analysers.
102469 MM card, 2 GB - pre-formatted for use with ecom analysers
56532 USB Data cable – for connection analyser to PC
100946 Set MM card + data cable USB (at price-attractive rate)
101769 8-channel analogue output box for external logging/recording units (V / mA), incl. mains power pack, cable to analyser, RS 232 cable and software
100222 T-Room stick - H 28 x Ø 11 mm
10166 T-Room probe – Length 260 mm with 3 m cable
12019 Contact sensor, room temperature (PT 2000), for differential temperature measurement. Range: -20 to 100°C; resolution: 0,1°C measurement uncertainty: ± 1°C; pipe diameter up to: 100 mm; cable length: 3 m
12021 Contact sensor, gas temperature (Ni/CrNi), for differential temperature measurement. Range: -20 to 100°C; resolution: 0,1°C measurement uncertainty: ± 1°C; pipe diameter up to: 100 mm; cable length: 3 m
100965 Universal CO multi-hole probe – telescopic, 80–280 mm
100943 Universal O2 multi-hole probe – telescopic (80-280 mm) with three easily exchangeable sealing plugs for measurement openings from ø 5 to 25 mm.
30000460 Car charger cable – for instrument charging via cigarette lighter
100920 Dynamic pressure measurement – Range: 0-50 m / sec; accuracy: ± 0.2 m/s or ± 1% of measurement value; resolution: 0.1 m/s. Data valid only by use of Prandl / Pitot tube (not included)
30004115 Dynamic pressure measurement probe, length 250 mm – Range: up to 3 m / sec; accuracy: ± 2.5% of measuring range final value. With tubing/cable approx. 2.5 m and fixation cone.
100930 Dynamic pressure measurement probe, length 1000 mm – Range: up to 3 m / sec; accuracy: ± 2.5% of measuring range final value. With tubing/cable approx. 2.5 m and fixation cone.
100814 Gas washing bottle for solid combustibles measurement - For pre-filtering of the dust-soiled gas, gas surface widening thru bubble formation and dilution of sensor-damaging organic compounds (mini Peltier cooler compulsory; non-suitable for NOx resp. SO2 measurement)
100813 Mini filtering plate for ecom-EN2 consisting of water trap, filtering wool cartridge, silica beads cartridge and activated carbon cartridge. Gets hooked at instrument case (item can be stowed in under-case). Incl. connection hoses.
20011620 Filtering case consisting of water trap, large filtering wool cartridge, large silica beads cartridge, large activated carbon cartridge. Incl. connection hoses.
101254 Flexible probe tip with thermocouple, length: 300 mm
102353 Flexible probe tip with thermocouple, length: 400 mm
  Part Part Number Description
Water Trap Filer (10pk) Condensation Trap Filter (10/PK) 50803 Particulate filter located on top of water trap assembly.
In-line Smoke Filter Standard (1 EACH) In-line Smoke Filter Standard (Each) 50803 Standard 3/4" in-line filter in clear plastic casing
Soot Test Paper Soot Test Paper (100/PK) 10079 Round smoke test filters for smoke dot test
Soot Test Chart Soot Test Chart 50506 Soot Test Chart with 0-9 Grayness Scale
Outboard NOx/SO2 filter Outboard NOx/SO2 filter 52169 Outboard- NOx/SO2 filer
Gas Washing Bottle Gas Washing Bottle 100814 Gas Washing Bottle
Thermal On-board Printer Paper (5/PK) Thermal On-board Printer Paper (5/PK) 50513 Printer paper for on-board thermal printer
Wireless Remote Wireless Remote ecom-R Wireless Remote
6V Lead Acid Main Battery 6V Lead Acid Main Battery 50550 6V Lead Acid Main Battery
9vdc Power Pack 9vdc Power Pack 54692 9vdc Power Pack
300mm SB Probe Complete with Soot Test Feature 300mm SB Probe Complete with Soot Test Feature 30001073 300mm SB Probe Complete with Soot Test Feature
300mm SB Probe Complete without Soot Test Feature 300mm SB Probe Complete without Soot Test Feature 101243 300mm SB Probe Complete without Soot Test Feature
300mm SB Probe Complete without Soot Test Feature 300mm SB Probe Pipe 101254 300mm SB Probe Pipe
300mm SB Probe Complete without Soot Test Feature Probe Shield 101527 Probe Shield to Protect Handle from High Temp
8mm SCD Probe Cone 8mm SCD Probe Cone 51378 8mm SCD Probe Cone for SCD 220mm Probe Pipe ( s/n 1738 and below)
10mm SB Probe Cone 10mm SB Probe Cone 52252 10mm SB Probe Cone for Probe Pipe (s/n 1739 and above)
SB Pistol Grip Handle w/Soot Test Feature SB Pistol Grip Handle w/Soot Test Feature 100691 SB Black Pistol Grip Handle with Soot Test Feature
SB Pistol Grip Handle without Soot Test Feature SB Pistol Grip Handle without Soot Test Feature 100692 SB Black Pistol Grip Handle without Soot Test Feature
9mm Female Gas Adapter 9mm Female Gas Adapter 100581 9mm Female Gas Adapter
8mm Female Draft Adapter 8mm Female Draft Adapter 100582 8mm Female Draft Adapter
Peltier Cooler Peltier Cooler 52427 Peltier cooler with water trap assembly
ScanTemp Gun ScanTemp Gun   Infrared Temperature Gun w/ Laser Pointer
Calibration Hoser Calibration Hose   Calibration Hose Attachment with Gas Connector
1 Amp Fuse 1 Amp Fuse   1 Amp Fuse Located Under Power Supply
Thermal Printer Assembly Thermal Printer Assembly 50096 Thermal Printer Assembly
Black Silicone Tubing Black Silicone Tubing 50601 Small Black Silicone Tubing for Water Trap and Calibration Hose
Ambient Air Temperature Stick Ambient Air Temperature Stick 100222 Ambient Air Temperature Stick
EN2 Carry Case EN2 Carry Case 50102048 EN2 Carry Case
EN2 Under Case EN2 Under Case 56508 EN2 Under Case
O2 Sensor O2 Sensor 100750 OO/105 - Life span 5 years
O2 Sensor O2 Sensor 54649 5FO - Life span 2 years
CO Sensor CO Sensor 10121 A5F - Life span 5 years
NO Sensor NO Sensor 54650 5NF - Life span 5 years
NO2 Sensor NO2 Sensor 54881 5NF - Life span 5 years




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