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Warranty & Service Contact
ECOM service warranty & service contract packages


Factory Warranty - Included with purchase of every analysers:

1 year parts
18 month sensors
10 year frame
Excludes all consumables such as probe, sample line & battery
Damage and abuse not covered

Service Contract - we offer service contracts on new and existing analysers.
Please note:
New analysers are up to 4 years existing,
Existing analysers are from 4 up to 10 years existing.


Service contract excludes sample probe, sample line, circuit boards and damage course by misuse, price includes carriage

Service & Maintenance

ecom instruments are designed to keep full functionality under heavy duty conditions for many years. In spite of this, some basic steps should be applied daily to contribute to a long life span:

Respecting the application for which the instrument is recommended.
Avoiding storing in cold places (e.g. overnight in a car), respectively temperature jumps causing condensation formation.
Keeping the instrument upright to avoid possibly remaining condensation to drop in the instrument and especially to the sensors
Exchange filtering material regularly according to user manual
Cleaning the sampling tubing and the probe regularly

All of these precautions will ensure that the instrument will keep full functionality. A yearly check performed by our authorised service centre covering function test, optical check, tightness check, control and adjustment of all measured values, if necessary sensors recalibration is recommended.

Yearly service includes:

Gas Sampling probe incl. tubing

Complete inner and outer cleaning of probe pipes
Thermocouple check (adequate position within probe pipe and correct temperature indication)
Tightness check of pistol style probe and tubing
Check all connection parts
Check thermo wire as well as connecting parts
Check correct probe heating function

Core instrument

Complete inner cleaning (incl. all components like gas pump, sensors plate, Peltier gas cooler/condensation trap, all PCBs as well as condensate evacuation pump)
Function check and adjustment
Dismounting and remounting of sensors

Sensors stability check

Function check of automatic condensate sampling system
Check Peltier gas cooler/condensation trap
Check fresh air pump
Check battery charging and charging voltage as well as electric connections
Exchange all filters
Tightness check of all connections

Transport case

Complete inner and outer cleaning; stability and function check


Cleaning printer unit; check of printing quality; ribbon check; function check


Check and adjustment of all toxic sensors with span gases
Calibration of draught sensor, gas temperature probe, T-Room sensor and scoot measurement unit
Issue of a comprehensive test report


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